Social Media Advertising

Why do so many brands advertise on social media? Because it works. The world of social media advertising is a lot more advanced than you think. Beyond page like ads or post engagement (Vanity metrics that do very little for your bottom line!), social media ads can be crafted to boost brand awareness, to drive people into a customized purchasing funnel, to boost direct messages to your business, and even to push sales conversions.

So many of us have been there: Scrolling through a news feed until something intriguing catches your eye and makes you pause. Is it creepy how much these platforms know you? Yes. But it also means that as a business owner you need to be harnessing this power to reach your own potential clients where they spend a great deal of time. The amount of time people spent on social media is expected to rise nearly 10% this year, and the average time people spend on Facebook is 58 minutes, while the average Instagram user is on the app for 53 minutes. 84% of 25 - 30 year olds use Facebook, while 75% of 18 - 24 year olds use Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are pay to play platforms. With changes made to the algorithm to show fewer business posts, most businesses may only reach 3% of their existing followers with organic posts. Building an engaged following is also hard work. Ads are the most efficient way of reaching interested clients both old and new. Our social media experts live and breathe advanced ads, and can help you make an impact, no matter your budget.

The in-depth targeting options available make it easy to reach the right people, so make sure you’re working with a team who can help you create audiences that look and behave like your existing clientele, and who are able to take advantage of your products and services. As social media users ourselves, we have been served countless ads for businesses on the other side of the country, all of whom are wasting their money on poorly-targeted ads. As digital analysts, we also believe in helping you clearly define how much of an impact your paid or unpaid social media activity has on your overall business (Yes, this can be done!) 

Other types of social media savvy brands are moving into - Reddit, Twitch, TikTok. These are all platforms that can offer up a gold mine of future clients through targeted advertising. Ask us today about your social media advertising options, and our team will also help you out with a free digital audit of your business.

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