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What are the Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes that Small Business Owners Make

When it comes to digital marketing, everyone thinks they’re an expert just because they have a phone and a couple of social media accounts. And these so-called “experts” love nothing more than sharing what little they know, which can sometimes bamboozle those who know even less.

If you’ve been faced with an influx of often contrary ideas on what to do or not do for your business, you’re not alone. Given the surfeit of ideas that can be found around digital marketing strategy, it can be remarkably difficult to sort out what actually will or won’t work for you.

Our team has successfully worked with hundreds of companies in various niches, build and grow their digital presence - we have a good idea of the steps you need to take to succeed. Here’s a quick breakdown on some of the actual biggest digital marketing mistakes that business owners keep making, so you can avoid them. You’re welcome!

Mistake 1: Thinking that you need to become an online influencer in order to get your business to succeed digitally

You’ve seen the success stories - the people who’ve been able to tap into their millions of followers in order to sell tons of products or services. But for most businesses, this plan isn’t viable, or even effective. Just look at the tons of online influencers out there who seem to get thousands of likes each post, but can’t even convince a single one to buy a t-shirt. Engagement and follows do not always equal actual influence on purchasing behavior - you can like a pretty face or aspire to someone’s lifestyle, but never buy anything they’re hawking.

Unless YOU’RE the product, there’s no need to make yourself the focus of your digital strategy. So if you’re camera shy or value your privacy, don’t sweat it - no one needs to know what you or your dog had for breakfast. Instead, deliver what your customers actually want to know, whether that’s in-depth product education or showcasing how your business can be a part of their lifestyle.

Mistake 2: Not caring about your online reputation at all or neglecting digital marketing altogether

On the other side of the pendulum are those who see “follow and engagement numbers are just vanity metrics”, decide that digital marketing is all smoke and mirrors, then avoid it altogether. To clarify, your online reputation isn’t just about the number of followers or likes you have, but the information that people can get when they look up your business online, and how easy it is to find these details. That includes what you’re sharing on your own accounts or website and what people are saying about your product or business on review sites like Google My Business and Yelp. As a consumer, you’ve likely looked up a company - why would you think this wouldn’t apply to your business?

Some companies also stubbornly insist that they run just fine by word of mouth. Just think about all the customers you’re losing out on by not effectively leveraging those glowing reviews on platforms where they can reach so much more people. Additionally, even after receiving recommendations in this day and age, guess where people go to get the information to make their final decision? You guessed it - online. 

Mistake 3: Not providing people with the information they need on your website or social pages

If you have a digital presence but don’t bother to share anything about your business beyond your phone number, you’re doing it wrong. You might be great at in-person or over the phone sales, but you can’t just assume people will call anymore. So many consumers visit websites wanting to get clear answers quickly. If you can provide this information for them, they’ll be more likely to ring you up then and become a warmer lead.

Mistake 4: Assuming that once you’ve built it, people will come

You’ve paid for a new website. Now what? The digital landscape is a harsh and cruel world. Social media is pay to play, while websites need ongoing SEO in order to rank well. So many new websites don’t even rank on the first page for their exact domain name, so thinking you’re done after doing the bare minimum of establishing a digital presence is erroneous. You’re going to need to invest in it on a consistent basis, but once you do, you’ll start seeing returns.

Mistake 5: Not doing digital marketing right

Does your idea of “getting digital marketing done” involve your own piecemeal efforts whenever you can find the time, or asking your daughter or younger cousin to “take care of the digital stuff”? Knowing how to use an app is a completely different beast than having the training and experience to create an effective digital strategy, implementing it efficiently and being able to analyze the results to improve your future performance. Not having a considered digital strategy means you’re just going to be wasting your time and money in the long run.

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